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Freekwencja Festiwal 2021

motion design
3D modelling
3D animation
Unreal Engine
2D animation

Freekwencja Festival is the first XR music festival in Poland, bringing together the biggest stars of the entertainment scene. For the performances of three top artists (Organek, Krzysztof Zalewski, Ralph Kaminski), we designed and implemented interactive scenographies. We moved the musicians to distinct worlds created with augmented reality (XR) and state-of-the-art technologies. Each realization was a demonstration of our ability to create a show using advanced 3D graphics based on Unreal Engine. Months of preparation, planning, concepts and storyboarding produced a stunning result, full of color and momentum. Various mechanics and actions brought the static scenery to life. Our creation and production highlighted the individual tunes, designing spaces corresponding to the atmosphere of the music played by the artists. The whole piece was recorded with the musicians during a live session.


  • Creative Technologist

    Hubert Kaszycki

  • Chief Operating Officer

    Edyta Kopytko

  • Project Management

    Edyta Kopytko

  • Creative Director

    Piotr Wątroba

  • Graphic Design Artists

    Piotr Wątroba, Karolina Upława

  • Lead Motion Graphic Designers

    Amadeusz Ferduła

  • Motion Graphics Artists

    Patryk Zimończyk, Amadeusz Ferduła, Anna Białek, Damian Sobecki

  • Production Director

    Bernard Wójcik

  • 3D Technical Director

    Gregor Milewski

  • 3D Graphic Design Artists

    Bernard Wójcik, Severyn Bartosevych, Gregor Milewski, Maciej Wojtyłko, Marta Woźniak

  • Client

    Miasto Warszawa

  • Executive Producer

    East Eventz

  • Unreal Engine, Notch VFX

    Damian Bałdyga, Andrzej Tomaszewski, Tomasz Liszkowski