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Bestsellery Empiku 2021

motion design
3D modelling
3D animation
Unreal Engine
2D animation

Personification was the main theme of the nationwide Empik's Bestsellers 2021 gala, for which we created a number of animations and promotional materials. Starting with the creation and realization in 3D of characters for the award categories (music, film, book, etc.), through key graphics for outdoor and digital communication, to a series of animations for the gala screens, intros for the categories and videos for the artists' performances.

The spectacle of activities was staggering, as was the spectacular execution split across 10 vertical stage screens. Most of the animations were also broadcast on television, adding to the momentum of the entire event.


  • Creative Technologist

    Hubert Kaszycki

  • Chief Operating Officer

    Edyta Kopytko

  • Project Management

    Michalina Kulita, Edyta Kopytko

  • Creative Director

    Piotr Wątroba

  • Graphic Design Artists

    Piotr Wątroba, Karolina Upława

  • Lead Motion Graphic Designer

    Amadeusz Ferduła

  • Motion Art Director

    Patryk Zimończyk

  • Motion Graphics Artists

    Amadeusz Ferduła, Patryk Zimończyk, Anna Białek

  • Production Director

    Bernard Wójcik

  • 3D Technical Director

    Gregor Milewski

  • Lead Unreal Engine Artist

    Severyn Bartosevych

  • CG Artists

    Bernard Wójcik, Severyn Bartosevych, Gregor Milewski, Maciej Wojtyłko, Sebastian Gaczoł, Marta Woźniak

  • Unreal Engine Artists

    Severyn Bartosevych, Piotr Kapelan

  • Client


  • Executive Producer & Event Creative Idea

    Allegro Brand Experience Agency

  • TV Broadcast

    TVN | Warner Bros. Discovery