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Dj Snake – Show Visuals

motion design
3D modelling
3D animation
Unreal Engine
2D animation

Spectacular performances require a spectacular setting. At the moment of the greatest impact, the musical experience merges with the visual to create memories of a great show that stays with the audience for years. Knowing this, we prepared a series of dedicated 3D animations for the specific hits of DJ Snake, which were a part of his series of 2022 performances. For each song, we thought about the placement of important moments, impacts that are part of the artist's show.


  • Creative Technologist

    Hubert Kaszycki

  • Chief Operating Officer

    Edyta Kopytko

  • Project Management

    Edyta Kopytko

  • Creative Director

    Piotr Wątroba

  • Art Director

    Jonasz Ulatowski

  • Graphic Design Artists

    Karolina Upława, Piotr Wątroba, Jonasz Ulatowski

  • Lead Motion Graphic Designers

    Amadeusz Ferduła

  • Motion Art Director

    Patryk Zimończyk

  • Motion Graphics Artists

    Patryk Zimończyk, Amadeusz Ferduła, Anna Białek, Damian Sobecki, Inna Pecherska

  • Production Director

    Bernard Wójcik

  • 3D Technical Director

    Gregor Milewski

  • Lead Unreal Engine Artist

    Severyn Bartosevych

  • CG Artists

    Bernard Wójcik, Severyn Bartosevych, Gregor Milewski, Maciej Wojtyłko, Sebastian Gaczoł, Marta Woźniak

  • Unreal Engine Artists

    Severyn Bartosevych, Piotr Kapelan, Maksym Shyper

  • Client

    Dj Snake

  • Executive Producer

    InCrowd Entertainment