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Dawid Kwiatkowski – Pop Romantyk Tour 2024

motion design

We had the pleasure of making the visuals for the concert tour of one of the most popular Polish pop artists - Dawid Kwiatkowski.

The project includes 14 concert visuals and additional video clips that act as interludes between songs. We used a variety of collage techniques in the project, such as: cut-out, collage torn out of paper, combining 2d with video, drawn stop-motion animation, rotoscoping.

It was our intention that each piece should have an individual and original aesthetic within the collage medium and resonate with the subject matter and emotional realm of the piece. Kwiatkowski explores a wide range of feelings in his music - joy, sadness, childhood nostalgia, for what is lost.

We wanted to include this very deep and emotionally complex message also in the visual side of the concert, thanks to which the musical event turns into a theatrical performance, where every detail matters.


  • Creative Technologist

    Hubert Kaszycki

  • Production Director

    Bernard Wójcik

  • COO

    Edyta Kopytko

  • Project Management

    Michalina Kulita

  • Creative Director

    Michał Rogoziński

  • Graphic Designers

    Daria Godyń, Karolina Upława, Daniel Kopeć

  • Lead Motion Graphic Designers

    Amadeusz Ferduła

  • Motion Graphics Artists

    Damian Sobecki, Inna Pecherska, Filip Jagiełło, Anna Białek, Alicja Kot, Katarzyna Stefańska-Gawor

  • Dawid Kwiatkowski | DB4 Management