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The Inside of the Outside – The Movie

motion design
3D modelling
3D animation
Unreal Engine
2D animation

The grotesque is the juxtaposition of the real and the unusual, which raises shivers in our neck and shoulders. To evoke this effect through a film is no small feat, it must be a combination of many nuances and rub against other emotions. We think we've managed to touch this feeling by making the film Inside of the Outside in collaboration with Jull Dziamski painter. The impression is also intensified by the music composed by A.P. Kaczmarek in a much slower tempo, which, juxtaposed with the animation, leads the viewer into consternation. We invite you to watch it!


  • Creative Technologist

    Hubert Kaszycki

  • Chief Operating Officer

    Edyta Kopytko

  • Creative Director

    Piotr Wątroba

  • Graphic Design Artists

    Karolina Upława, Piotr Wątroba

  • Lead Motion Graphic Designers

    Amadeusz Ferduła

  • Motion Graphics Artists

    Amadeusz Ferduła, Anna Białek

  • Production Director

    Bernard Wójcik

  • 3D Technical Director

    Gregor Milewski

  • Lead Unreal Engine Artist

    Severyn Bartosevych

  • CG Artists

    Bernard Wójcik, Severyn Bartosevych, Gregor Milewski, Maciej Wojtyłko, Marta Woźniak

  • Unreal Engine Artists

    Severyn Bartosevych, Piotr Kapelan

  • Client

    Jull Dziamski